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Homage a Maman

It isn’t often you get to ask advice of your 96-year old mother about your own stage fright. But when I was speaking on my book tour (never having written a book or spoken publicly before), I was embarrassed that I … Continue reading

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It Cuts Both Ways

In my novel, THE ONES THEY LEFT BEHIND, there is a moment when the three travelers Harriman Hickenlooper, Lucinda McWhorter and Rufus Dewes stand before Abraham Lincoln’s crypt in Springfield, Illinois. “I still can’t believe they killed him,” Rufus said. “I … Continue reading

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For My Captain

To my hero, Abraham Lincoln. I am forever grateful for your service to our country. By your words and your deeds, you showed us what it means to live by the better angels of our nature. May we be blessed … Continue reading

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Why is Historical Fiction so Important?

When a writer succeeds in infusing yesterday’s events with an immediacy that makes those events important and instructive to his readers today, then readers experience what went before in such a way that they can see not only where they … Continue reading

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