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Announcing the podcast series A HOUSE UNITED: Understanding America and Each Other

I’m privileged to announce I’ve been asked to be a featured guest on The Literary Round Table podcast for a special series of conversation entitled “A House United: Understanding America and Each Other.” “A House United” takes an in-depth, thoughtful … Continue reading

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Not All Civil War Battles Were Fought with Bullets – Some Were Fought with Snowballs!

The book¬†Rebel Yell by S.C. Gwynne has a terrific description of how the Confederate Army – made up of men from the South, many of whom had never seen snow before – kept themselves occupied during the dreary winter months. … Continue reading

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Who Really Burned Atlanta?

Who Really Burned Atlanta? Sometimes you just have to accept that there can never be a clear-cut answer to historical mysteries. Who burned Atlanta is one of those mysteries.¬† Perhaps by asking a few questions in the time-honored method of … Continue reading

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Why the 1864 Presidential Election May Be the Most Important One in Our History

It is dicey to make “the most” statements. History is constantly being written. Usually it is not recognized as history in the moment, but only when later generations have the benefit of understanding the larger context in which it unfolded. … Continue reading

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